Tools for Connecting Past and Future Self

December 25, 2011

My last article discussed the invisible bond between our present selves and our future selves. In this TED talk, Daniel Goldstein outlines the phenomenon nicely and also shows some tools he’s developing to increase awareness of this subtle but important connection. I’m not sure if I feel the software he’s created is as accessible and impactful as it could be, but I’m thankful for the efforts he’s making towards addressing this issue. I think if I were to design software to show people how our present actions affect future outcomes, I would make a resource management game, where a successful retirement is the end goal. Do you guys have any ideas?

I am now in the production phase of my third book, and with a new book coming out and a lot of other things to juggle, I won’t be able to work on articles for this blog for a while. It’ll be back though! I want to make a whole book of this type of content, so please stay connected through the facebook page, or twitter, or rss.


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